Trump pledges restraint with Twitter when in White House – Toronto Star

Toronto Star

Trump pledges restraint with Twitter when in White House
Toronto Star
In an interview with ’60 Minutes,’ which airs on Sunday, Trump said Twitter was ‘a method of fighting back.’ In an interview with CBS news program “60 Minutes,” which is expected to air on Sun., Nov. 13, Donald Trump called Twitter “tremendous” and
Trump said to adjust stance on health lawArkansas Online
Trump will be ‘very restrained’ on Twitter as presidentCTV News
Trump on ’60 Minutes’: Clinton ‘couldn’t have been nicer’
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Social Networking Intergrate With Law of Attraction


Here in the midst of the movies “What the Bleep do we know”, “The Secret” and a lot of personal development companies pitching about Law of Attraction why a lot of followers still struggling?

Over the last few months you’ve received several rather lengthy emails from people inviting YOU to join them with different seminars or join their programs.

Here’s the truth. The Law of Attraction does work without fail. It has been proven to work by many successful people, and it continues to work for those who knew how to use it well.

If it’s working, why are millions of law of attraction enthusiasts still stuck in the never-ending cycle of failures?

Well, you need to understand one crucial thing. It’s not enough to read, watch or try to apply what all those Law of Attraction products teach you.

That’s because if you apply the Law of Attraction and miss one vital component or step in the process, you’re not going to get what you want.

This is where the POWER OF SOCIAL NETWORKING comes from.

1. You need a system to ATTRACT people to your business.

2. Set up Profile Page to reflect about you/your business what you want others to know – set yourself up as EXPERT in your arena – link to your sites/blogs AND any free ecourse/report etc!

3. Find Groups with JV’s that complement your work and Groups that have your target market in them.

4. Be ACTIVE in these groups – answer questions of folks from expert status, befriend folks with personal message to each you friend saying why you are compatible.

5. Setup your own group and invite friends and email folks NOT using social networking if you have a list to come join you there. Invite your social networking friends as well.

6. Announce new group you are active in that are compatible.

7. From discussion boards and links within YOUR group have a page that promotes a free product and then market them using a system once they sign up for the free product on your website.

8. From there, promote a free teleclass that you require their name/email address from your sit in order to join or get audio afterwards. Use free bridgeline with recording – use audio as free offer requiring them to give you name/email address. Offer also free report, ecourse (better since it goes out to them more than once) or sign up for weekly ezine using autoresponder.

9. Create an EVENT for teleseminar they have to register first so you’ll have their names on your list. Do the teleseminar, record it – all FREE – and now you have PRODUCT.

10. Once they are on your list, you have free reign to promote to them.

11. Use the right strategies to keep them. Email them every week…article, interview, conference call to teach them something every week.

About Us:
After a successful business advisory and travel agency businesses in the Philippines, Lourdes immigrated to Canada to learn from multi – millionaires. She began her continued quest for personal development. She learned at the time that happiness and freedom are the ultimate intentions from accumulating wealth. Lourdes works with multi – millionaires.

As an apprentice of multi-millionaires, Lourdes became highly sought after by people who wanted her to teach them what she learned from these successful and wealthy individuals. With a unique skill of attracting wealth and success and sharing them, Lourdes began her Law of Attraction Coaching career teaching manifestation strategies. She has over 10-years of experience in mind development. She is credited with coaching highly successful individuals with Law of Attraction systems and programs internationally.

While I continues to be a business advisor, My primary focus today is on coaching others to become powerful manifestors. Im best known for her Law of Attraction Coaching System, The “12 Day Program to Get What You Want.” Lourdes reveals the inner workings of the Law of Attraction and her personal strategies which have made her students follow through an implementation Law of Attraction Coaching System after attending intensive seminars. She has helped access and harness the manifestation powers of hundreds of individuals.

Erving Croxen is an International Law of Attraction Coach. Visit her website


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McCann family pleased with Travis Vader manslaughter convictions –

McCann family pleased with Travis Vader manslaughter convictions
On behalf of his family, Bret McCann expressed gratitude and relief Monday that his parents’ killer, Travis Vader, has been found guilty of manslaughter. “I was really glad that it was not a mistrial,” McCann said. “We’re comfortable that justice is
legal system lacks transparencyCalgary Sun
Travis Vader murder verdict changed to manslaughter as judge admits errorToronto Star
The legal road for Travis Vader in case of missing Alberta seniorsMetroNews Canada
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