Network Marketing Downline – A 3 Step Action Plan to Build Yours Social Team Using the Laws of Attraction


As a network marketer you may be struggling to build a home-based-business downline team that is as excited and dedicated as you are about creating financial freedom with your MLM company. You may have sat in many an annual “Celebration” convention and watched with envy the “Super Stars” and their dynamic, fired up teams. You may have thought to yourself, “Why can’t I find these people to be on my team and in my downline.” This article will provide you with a three step action plan you can put into place today to start building the network marketing team of your dreams.

Step One: Psychographics

Psychographics is a three dollar word that means the psychological demographics of a person, their tastes, opinions, attitudes and mindset. Usually this term is used in conjunction with marketing. Good marketers know the “psychographics” of the people they want to sell their products to, so they know how to design their marketing campaigns.

In building your ideal network marketing dream team, you need to get clear on the psychographics of the sort of people you want on your team. Do you want a team of hotshot young men in their early thirties with sales backgrounds, who have unlimited energy and charisma? Or will the people on your team be a crew of stay at home moms in their early forties, who are brilliant networkers who can plan and execute amazing home presentations?

Your first step for your action plan is to get crystal clear on who these people are that you want to attract into your team. Spend some significant time figuring out their psychographics, their physical appearance, their demographics and heck, even give them names so they become so real to you.

Step Two: Be The Person You Want On Your Dream Team

Do you have the mindset and the same energy as the people you’ve defined in step one? It is a fact that “like attracts like.” When you engage consistently in the same thoughts and actions of the people you want on your team, your energy vibration radiates out to start attracting these very people that you are holding in your mind.

If you want team members who hold two home presentations a week, are you demonstrating that behavior? If you want positive, energetic and dynamic team mates, are you behaving that way yourself? If you want leaders on your team, are you taking the initiative to be a leader? Gandhi said that “You have to be the change you want to see in the world” and this is really true when it comes to attracting your dream team to you. Therefore, step two is to be the person you want on your team, simple as that.

Step Three: Visualize Your Dream Team Members

Use visualization to attract these people to you. If you complete step one, and you practice step two everyday, when you then add the power of visualization to this combination, you will be amazed at how quickly these people start to show up in your life and join your team. You’ve probably seen the movie The Secret, and you probably have a vision board, at least I hope you’ve done these two things (if not take a moment and watch that movie).

When you hold in your mind the visual images of the things (or people in our case), you are then programming your brain to be on alert for the cues and clues that lead you to these exact people. So to really speed up the process of building your dream team, visualize what they look like, feel what their energy feels like and feel the emotional energy you feel when you are around them.

Also, while you visualize use the present tense as if it’s already happened and these people are already signed up on your downline and you are building a massive superstar network marketing team with them.

So those are the three steps to attracting the superstars to your network marketing team. To recap these steps are:

  1. Know the psychographics of the people you want on your team.
  2. Be the person you want to attract to your team through your daily actions.
  3. Practice emotionally and sensory rich visualization of your team members, multiple times per day.

To wrap up this article I’d like to share with you three tools I have used to attract great people to my network marketing team. The first tool is the movie The Secret. However, I didn’t just watch it once, I watch it over and over again and I still do to this day. I watch it at least once a week.

The second tool I use is the book The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles. Again I read this book over and over again. The principles he lays forth in this book, written in 1910, lay the foundation for the Laws of Attraction explained in The Secret.

Finally, for my third tool, I invested in a video vision board software program called Mind Movies 2.0. With this online tool I can make great little 2 or 3 minute “mind movies” that are my vision boards. The combination of images, emotion stirring music and affirmations is a powerful tool that I believe helps me achieve my goals. Once I design a Mind Movie I can watch it several times a day.

I hope this article gave you a clear plan for taking action. Best wishes in creating your network marketing dream team and if you do and practice these three simple steps, I believe you will soon be up on that stage earning the recognition for developing a super duper dream team.
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7 Step Training – 30 Minutes to Online Recruiting

Putting training into action is critical


It is easy to apply hands-on training that challenges learners to take specific ACTION. This article summarizes the 7 simple steps from “Building Your Internet Strategy and Recruiting Online” by Jason O’Toole.

You learn key principles and best practices, as you perform these 7 specific tasks! The tasks put into perspective the overall online recruiting strategy need to get things going NOW. What a relief! The challenge is clear and doable. You can likely do these 7 steps in less than 30 minutes:

1. System Registration
2. Set up profile
3. Write Profile
4. Social network accounts.
5. Your blog set up.
6. Write a blog about your experience (500 words).
7. Link in the social bookmarking sites to your blog.

System Selection – Step 1: Register at a Lead Generation System (free). Make sure the system has a blog or training on setting up a blog.

System Setup – Step 2: Set up you Profile in the system with your basic information. Include things that show you are an everyday person with some unique talents or interests.

System Profile – Step 3: Share your situation. In the Bio section you want to share challenges you face and how a system can help you to overcome them. Statements of frustrations you’ve found while seeking answers online are believable. Your stories likely involve spending money for tools which do not deliver answers. Getting overwhelmed with information and not finding the direct path to action. Thankfully you can find free systems that provide the guidance you need. Share ways the system provides you with the solution you need.

Social Network Accounts – Step 4: Fill in your profiles at Facebook, FriendFeed, You Tube and Twitter. Be sure to include links back to the lead generation system. Use information you provided in the system profile in these profiles. Keep the profiles more informal.

System Blog – Step 5: Set up your Blog inside your lead generation system (should be free with the system). You can establish a third party blogging tool and blog profile. Your profile/about page should include a bit about what your blogging activities.

Write a Blog Post – Step 6: Write your first blog post. A topic you might pick to blog about is how the system provided you with the answers you needed. Share how your frustrations are gone. Share your story and how the system helped to resolve and cleared things up.

Post Social Links – Step 7: Share how you launch your online recruiting effort. Social Bookmarking sites like,, and will work. Set up each account and post an entry about your blog post with a link to your blog.

30 minutes, begun and done. Your online recruiting strategy is now a problem solved. Your team can work with a system like this. The system is not a barrier. Point your people to the system. Once they register they have the step-by-step instructions they need to get going now! So much easier than the long hours or days some systems require.

Once your team has the tools in place you can work with them to assure they have the success recruiting online through weekly goals in their niche and on their social network and blog. Systems made the difference. Clear directions in the 7 simple steps and 30 minutes of work to launch your online recruiting strategy!

Putting into action the exact steps with a system will get your strategy launched online.

  Train network marketers, MLM leaders and business owners to use effective systems to attract, edify and train customers, clients and team members. Learn more

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