Top Reasons to Add a Video to Your Squeeze Page

Show Your Readers the Real You!

Whether it’s promotional content, short films, or unique skills that are on display, videos are “in” more than ever. Placing a video on your squeeze page should be very high on your to-do list, even if you’re just starting out in your business. People have been glued to TV screens since the middle of the 20th century, so it’s time to join in and…

Get You on the Tube!

With the help of a simple and impactful video on your squeeze page, you’re only further establishing yourself as a force to be reckoned with in your niche. This personal touch can add a lot of value to your site and ultimately your business.

Here’s a list of top reasons for why you need to add a video to your squeeze page.

1. You Get to Reveal Yourself Professionally: Videos are an excellent way to increase your exposure as an author because they show your visitors what you’re all about in an easy way. You don’t have to go door to door or put your face on a billboard. You’re able to expose your strengths in a unique way by giving them a sneak peak of your personality. Your creativity and how you present your message are all up to you. Having your company’s vision in the video will also add to your professionalism. Just be sure to leave your ego at the door and let anyone and everyone listen to your message.

2. It Instantly Improves Your Design: Think back on a squeeze page you came across that had poor design. Did it only give you minimal information followed by the usual, “enter your email here” text field? Boring! When you visit these pages, unless you’re already sold on the offer, they’re not very appealing for prospective customers. Adding a video is an excellent way to increase the appeal and layout of your site. Your design needs to be in top form, even on mobile devices. You can read more about the topic of responsive web design here.

3. People Are Getting Lazier: It’s no secret that the majority of people would rather watch a video than read about the same topic. Viral videos help promote your brand and can be done in an entertaining way. You don’t hear about many viral articles… if you do, they end up on video the next day and the video is what gets shared around the web. People are more patient to view videos because they can do something that the written word cannot: entertain audiences with live action. Continue to spend your time writing and producing quality content. However, think about what bits and pieces of content are going to be added to your next video.

4. You Can Repurpose the Video: Even though you have the freedom to include any details you’d like, it’s important that your presentation be clear. Your video quality should be easy on the eyes and your material should be organized in a professional manner. These things are important not only for your site, but for all of the other ways you can repurpose this video. You can include it on your company blog, on social media sites, as a link in an ebook or other mediums that are able to show video. Or course, the best way to let your readers see your video is still on your squeeze page through a link in your article.

5. Other Companies Will Take Notice: You never know what type of visitors will come to your site. You may get the casual browser who stumbled upon your page, or you could get a respectable businessperson who’s looking for a fresh advertising opportunity. Your video should stand out and display your talents. Sure, you want to grab contact information from potential customers, but the bigger fish is your competition who could be interested in joining forces.

6. It’s Easy to Create: If you think creating a video for your squeeze page is too time consuming or difficult, quit the negative talk! Any smartphone that came out in the last 5 years will most likely produce a video with good enough quality. Don’t worry about the extra time it may take in creating the content in your video; it will be worth it in the end. You should focus on what you’re going to say, what tips or lessons you can offer, or how cool it will be to showcase your skills and past achievements on video. If you’re still under the impression that you need to be an expert at EVERYTHING, read our article 5 Talents Content Writers Don’t Need to Succeed to give you some clarity.

7. You’re Free to Promote Your Business: Every company wants to get the word out there on their products, or to create buzz around a new business offer. Since this video will be on your squeeze page and not in an article submission, you are free to promote yourself as well as your business. You can have a brand new product, your bread and butter products, or testimonials from satisfied customers. Try to answer questions about yourself and your company without having to be asked. This is your chance to quickly promote your products and services in a fun and enjoyable way.

These were just a few of the reasons why you should focus your attention on videos on your sites. You may not have the itch to put yourself behind (or in front of!) a video camera or smartphone yet, but maybe someone you know has experience and can lend a hand! If you’re looking for other ways to improve your squeeze page, this blog will certainly get you started.

What are your thoughts on adding videos to your squeeze page? Do you agree they are relevant, or do you think otherwise?

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