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How to Become Successful – The First Step


A personal development and success systems the commonest question by far that I hear is “How can I be successful?” How to be successful is the driving force for most people with whom I come into contact. Not surprising really, as this is my niche and my area of special expertise.

Usually I answer with another question. “What does ‘success’ really mean to you?” This is not a cop-out. I believe this question must be answered before I can even begin to outline what I believe this person must do in order to be successful. I do not believe anybody can really be successful unless they know exactly how they personally define success.

I have met people I would describe as very successful, but who have very little money. Many successful people are not well-known. Some have no close family and few if any friends.

So, if success is not defined by wealth, fame, family situation, or friendship, then what on earth does define success?

The answer, again, is that success can only ever be defined by the person who wishes to achieve it.

The first step to becoming successful is therefore to set aside some quiet, uninterruptible time, and begin to define for yourself exactly what you mean by success. You should make sure you have at least an hour for this, and preferably more so that the exercise can be open-ended and continue for as long as you find necessary. I can promise you that if you truly want to be successful this will be the most valuable hour or two you have ever spent.

This should initially be a brainstorming session. The concept here is that you should write down everything that comes into your mind when you hear the word “success”. Do not limit yourself to things you think it should be. You are trying to arrive at your own definition of personal success, not what you have read as someone else’s definition. Anything goes here. Do not be judgemental – if the thought occurs then write it down. Be prepared to fill quite a few pages here and to spend a good twenty or thirty minutes, not just a couple of minutes filling a single sheet of A4!

When you have spent a minimum of twenty minutes doing this (and keep going well beyond if ideas are still popping into your head) you can begin sifting through those ideas and crossing out ones that are not relevant. Also look for ones that are just repeats or variants of others; keep the most relevant and cross out the others.

You should now put your scribbled lists aside. In fact, turn the paper over so you cannot see anything you have written. On a clean sheet of paper write in large, bold capitals:


Don’t try to answer this. Just read it, then sit in absolute silence for at least another five minutes. Ten, if you can manage it. This should be a form of meditation. If you are used to meditating on a phrase, then meditate on that question. If not, don’t worry – just sit there in silence.

When the five or ten minutes is up, turn over your list of words and phrases that came into your head when you thought about “success”. Start a fresh list and write down some words and phrases that now seem to resonate with you as being a start of your definition of success. These words and phrases may come from your brainstormed list, but you may find there are some completely different ones that now come into your head.

What you are trying to do here is to make sure your own personal definition of “success” is truly aligned with your own inner “you”. Only when your definition of success is properly aligned in this way can you really start to become truly successful.

At this point, start trying to formulate a sentence or two from this new list. This sentence will be the starting point of your own personal definition of success. It will probably be quite different from anything anyone else will ever write. That is quite natural, as this is extremely personal, and not some definition foisted upon you by the media. Treasure it! This definition, I can assure you, is one of the most precious things you have, as it will be the starting point of your true success.

Your definition of success will evolve over time, and in a few years from now may be quite different from what you have just written. But it will be a true definition, and one you can now be happy to go out and seek.

Good luck!

How to generate leads From Social Media ?

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Social networking can fill numerous business needs going from Public Relations, client administration and group building. For B2B marketers lead generation should be at the top of the list. Social networking as a lead generation channel can help to drive income and be as sales enablement device for your sales team to teach perspective clients during the sales cycle.

The following are the important steps that Erving Croxen recommend to drive your leads by using social media :

1. Set objective and create baseline.

In the first place you have to understand the business mechanics of dealing with a social networking project. Start with the bottom line and make your way back to get your objectives. Be positive to understand the KPI’s you will be measuring to show if you are on the right way.

2. Define the profile of buyer.

Clearly define your buyer identity-invented characters that reflects different user types inside your target demographic- to successfully achieve new and existing customer through social media .Defining a buyer identity that helps you to recognize your target customer, to see how clients are looking for your business on the web, and drive higher conversion.

3. Plan, set up and carry out the campaigns

Once you have discovered your target leads the next step is to plan important offers, set up campaigns and execute. Social media campaign are regularly more continuous and shorten than running on different channels which provides you the chance to run several campaigns simultaneously and rapidly make changes toOPTIMIZE.

4. Deliver your targeted leads to sales :

To deliver leads to the sales group is perhaps most important method, since marketer’s most important job is to generate leads. Following are the most important aspects to deliver leads to sales :

Lead Score– setting up a lead score based on markers that sum up to a score threshold at which leads are exchanged to your sales group.

Lead Qualifiers-utilizing human touch to qualify leads with a characterized agenda that is utilized to figure out whether a lead is prepared or not

Self-serve process – construct your online purchase process is proven to be the complete methodology. Mostly this with this it eliminates the need for sales group in the purchase process and puts all the load of new- business income on you. Free Recruiting Report

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