Easy Steps To Grow Network Marketing Business


Network Marketing is an amazing industry, but it’s not easy to grow this type of business. Many people who start network marketing business quit because they don’t get results and because of their mindset it not right. There are a couple of things you can do Today to recruit new reps, keep your team and grow your network marketing business.

1. Understand why people quit network marketing companies

The main reason why people quit is because they don’t get results. Some people understand that it takes a time to build this amazing business but during the journey, if they don’t get support and good enough training, you are ending up with losing a teammate.

To prevent this You need to constantly learn and improve your skills so you can show them and teach them how they should build their business. This is a thing that leaders do, they constantly improve their skills and mindset so they can pass the knowledge to their teams.

 2. Generate Leads online and teach your team how to do it

A list of prospects who are already hungry for your product or business opportunity is the #1 key to growing your business. Network marketing is a people business, if you want to build strong MLM business you need more people to see your offer. Building a list of Hot Prospects gives you the opportunity to show your business presentation to 50+ new people daily.

Most of the people struggle with finding people to show them their product or business presentation. Imagine how your team will grow when you and each member of your team could show a presentation to 10-20 people every single day? How would this impact your business?

Creating a list of hungry people who are already opened to your business opportunity or products is the key to massive growth.

3. Brand Yourself to present you as a Leader, not just an MLM rep

Personal Branding is a key for your success. As you probably know Network Marketing companies come and go. When you start to brand yourself like every successful Top Earner in this industry, you will build followers who are going to stick with you even you change your company or industry.

People will see you as a leader, so no matter what path you choose you will have a follower who is going to join you and buy from you no matter what you are offering. Personal Branding is a key for long-term massive success.

4. Every Top Earner in this industry uses the 5 Step Formula for Massive Growth

I am sure at least 1 time you thought “there is something that Top Earners don’t tell us”. Doesn’t matter how long you are in the network marketing industry you can notice that all the Top People have something in common, they build their business is some way that it’s hard to understand. Well, actually there is something that all the top earners do. There are actually few things that they do to build their businesses. Almost all of them uses 5 Step Network Marketing Formula for massive growth.

Some people teach this formula in different ways, sometimes they miss 1 or 2 important parts but when you learn the 5 step network marketing formula you will not want to quit your network marketing business. Why? Because you will get results and if you pass this formula to your team, you will see that they are starting to get results.

5. Tools and Training

Some Network Marketing companies provide good training and tools to build a business, but not all of them. People struggle with finding the information on the internet about the team building, cold market prospecting, recruiting, team motivation, recruiting scripts etc. Because people loose so much time on searching and learning the skills, they don’t have time to actually build the business. It doesn’t make sense. So many people don’t even know but you can pay $10 and get access to every possible training that is designed to help network marketers build their business.

Doesn’t matter what strategy you choose, social media prospecting, advertising, cold market prospecting, content marketing and much more you can learn these for only $10! The funniest part is that people prefer to spend 20 hours looking for something that is Free and not necessarily proven on google than paying the $10 and get their questions answered in minutes.

If you have someone in your team who prefers to spend so much time than investing in themselves a couple of bucks or even couple hundreds of bucks than my suggestion for you is to focus on those teammates who know that a business involves some investment.

The 5 Steps Network Marketing Formula & Training

It’s very important for you to know the 5 Steps formula that every Top Earner of this industry knows and uses. Success leaves clues so if you learn the blueprint of Top Earners you can get better results and you can help your team get better results as well.

You can CLICK HERE to watch a short video that is all about the 5 Steps Network Marketing Formula For Massive Growth. You will need to let me know who is watching it by entering your name and email and for doing that I am sharing this 5 Steps Blueprint for Free. CLICK HERE to watch the Free Video about the 5 Steps Network Marketing Formula. http://goo.gl/767KQ8

Networking Success Tip – Develop a Business Networking Plan


You’ve made your choice. You’ve decided to use business networking as a way of “getting” more clients, more referrals and more sales.

What are you “getting” yourself into?

You’re getting yourself into a process where relationship building comes first and business building follows.

Networking is the most effective face-to-face business building tool in existence.

Business networking is all about establishing and maintaining relationships that foster trust, friendship and referrals.

A referral is the act of introducing someone you trust to someone you care about.

People BUY from people that they like and trust. People give referrals to people they like and they trust.

Those who are ready, willing, and able to give referral leads want to know that you can be counted upon, and that you can be trusted to “deliver as promised.”

Now you know everything about networking there is to know.

You’re ready to jump in. You’re ready to make the most of every BUSINESS and social networking OPPORTUNITY.

You load yourself up with your business cards. You create flyers and brochures to serve as handouts. You practice your introductory “elevator” speech.

You get in your CAR You drive to the meeting location. You enter the gathering. You begin to follow your predetermined networking plan.

What is your business networking plan? What goals are included in your plan?

Whether you network to PROMOTE your business, get referrals or build a database, you must have goals. You must have a plan.

What is your networking plan? Is it written out?

You may ask, “Why do I need a written plan?”

After all—you may want to go to the event and just “schmooze.” (Schmooze is a technical term for friendly communication in a group setting).

The “all I want to do is schmooze a little” mindset is the companion piece to the selling strategy entitled, “I’ll just go into the appointment and see what happens.”

Effective BUSINESS networking, and effective selling, can certainly include some “schmoozing.” However, any expectation of consistent networking or sales results without a well-defined strategy falls into the category of wishful thinking.

Your networking goals should be clearly defined within your overall MARKETING strategy.

If you’re like most business people, you don’t have a marketing strategy. Most business people “wing it.”

Your networking strategy is clarified in your marketing plan. A written business plan includes a marketing plan component.

A well written business plan contains the goals and fully researched projections for your business. It is against these goals and projections that you measure your business successes and shortcomings.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

I believe that every business should have a written business plan. If you’ve not yet gotten around to the task of developing a full business plan, you can still develop a simple, stand-alone marketing plan, one that places the spotlight on business networking, on a SINGLE sheet of paper in an hour or less.

Decide on your networking strategy. Make the strategy simple, e.g. collecting names for your newsletter database.

Decide on your networking goals. An example of a networking goal might be, “Out of the people I talk to at the networking event, I will find three who have an INTEREST in receiving my newsletter.”

Please keep in mind that a well conceived marketing strategy does not equate to a business “quick fix.” As with any marketing or advertising plan you must have patience. Effective marketing is a process, not an outcome.

If you don’t have a networking plan, you’re not alone. 9 out of 10 of my clients ask for some assistance in formulating both a “do-able” networking strategy and an effective introductory “elevator” speech. http://goo.gl/767KQ8

If you are interested in receiving a set of questions that will make it easier to complete your simple marketing plan project,

Networking Success Tip from Ike – Write out your networking plan. Make your goals accomplishable. Commit to your plan and follow it.

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Business Networking Skills – Five Social Skills Tips That Are Key For Networking Success


Networking skills are an absolute must for people who wants to grow their business. And the key is the word “skills.”  Networking requires specific skills, and many of them are basically social skills.  Read on for how you can improve your networking success by polishing your social skills.

Social skills help us connect with others, and that’s what we need to do during networking.   Some of them are mostly a matter of awareness and paying attention, while others take real practice.  Either way, the more often you do something, the more it will become second nature.  So make an effort to do the following five things regularly, and watch the results you’ll get.

1. Remember to say “please” and especially THANK you.” 

Saying “please” and “thank you” may be so basic that you don’t think it even falls under social skill but instead is common courtesy. Be that as it may, courtesy is so important that it deserves to be listed here, and it’s a large part of what makes up good social skills.

2. Make proper eye contact

Making eye contact frequently and appropriately can make the difference between coming across as likable — and not.  Look at the person when you’re speaking with him or her, but without staring, and pay close attention.

Even if you’re one of those people who actually can pay attention when they seem to be preoccupied with other things, maintaining eye contact will be worth your while.  Don’t just pay attention, but make sure the other person knows that you’re paying attention.  And eye contact is the traditional way to show it.

3. Repeat the other person’s name

In a conversation, be sure to repeat the other person’s name.  It will make them feel very much acknowledged.  It will also help you remember their name.  There are a lot of quotes about how much people love the sound of their own name.  The thing is – it’s true.

4. Support others

Whenever you find yourself talking with someone, pay close attention.  That’s true especially if that person is new and possibly a prospect, but it’s common courtesy in any case.  Listen with an OPEN mind, and look for ways in which you can help him or her.

5. Repeat something they’ve said recently

When you’ve had a conversation with someone and talk to them AGAIN, repeat something they’ve said.  Ask them about something specific to follow up. It shows them that you paid close attention, and they will appreciate that.

So social skills are a key part of what makes you achieve BUSINESS success. Practice them regularly and watch how quickly you’ll get new clients!. http://goo.gl/767KQ8

Business Opportunity With Lead Generation System


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Lead Generation System With A Twist

Why are homebased business opportunities in such demand?


Why are homebased business opportunities in such demand?

It’s because so many people want to set their own rules when it comes to work and to be able to balance their work and home lives in a way that is not possible in the 9-to-5 work world. There are many advantages to working at home, such as being able to set your own hours or work in your pajamas.

How do homebased business opportunities help people balance their work and home lives? By working from home, you can decide whether you want to work only when the kids are in school or set your hours to a fixed daily schedule that allows you more family time when it is convenient for you. You can also decide when you will take vacations and for how long.

Are people who work in homebased business opportunities more productive? Some are and some aren’t. Productivity is not about how much time you have or where you work as much as it is about using your time wisely. Many former 9-to-5 workers have found that if they can get the boss to agree to a homebased working environment, they can improve their efficiency by outsourcing much of their daily work to a virtual assistant in a country such as India where the pay is lower. Although they make less money after paying their assistant, many of these workers find the investment worthwhile because they are able to take more control of their time.

How can you find home business opportunities? Just keep your eyes open and you will come up with so many ideas you’ll have trouble choosing. There are many people looking for products and services that will make their lives easier. All you have to do is find a need that already exists and fill it.

James Dempsey is a top internet marketer who works with industry leaders from around the world. He has a passion for helping others achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations. To learn more about James Dempsey and his team of Marketing Mentors meet him at: http://goo.gl/767KQ8