Mobile Social Recruiting Oct 26

Did You Know That 97% Of All Texts Sent Are Actually Opened And Read?

Your Mobile Prospects Are Already Programmed To Take A Look At What You’re Offering!

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Over 85% of All Social Media Interactions Occur on Smart Phones!

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Social Mobile Recruiting School
Online Members Only 24/7 Online Training Series


You will learn:

  • A 4 step process of Recruiting prospects via mobile marketing. 
  • The 6 Foundational Elements of Mobile Recruiting!
  • How to recruit 3-5 new prospects a day with Mobile strategies.
  • How EXACTLY Mobile Recruiting works.
  • The Psychology of the Mobile prospect and why traditional tactics do NOT work.
  • Mobile marketing campaign
  • How to turn your cell phone into a List Building 24/7 Machine.
  • Mobile email marketing
  • Mobile lead generation
  • Mobile list building
  • Mobile Downline building
  • Mobile 5 steps recruiting and sponsoring
  • Mobile social media marketing
  • Mobile blogging
  • Mobile Social groups marketing
  • Mobile homebase business strategies
  • And So MUCH MORE!


There are 3 powerful Bonuses to go along with the Training: 

1. “Mobile Social Recruiting Course – FREE FOR THE FIRST 120 ACTION Takers*:

A 2 part Skype training series that will give you the basics and foundation of Success in Social Mobile Recruiting. A MUST HAVE for the future of your business!  ~ This alone is a $195.00 VALUE! —

2. “Mobile Social Recruiting – a 30 day Super Recruiter training with me FREE”

how he uses Social media/blog/email marketing /Mobile Marketing for recruiting. ~ This alone is a $165.00 Value!

3. “The 6 Biggest Mistakes Made by Network Marketing and Recruiting”

~ This alone is a $67.00 VALUE



This many hours of training series along with Bonus training videos and access to critical tools effectively master mobile marketing and social media recruiting.

Immediate 24/7 Access to the My Skype Private ROOM so that you can access and get full training 1 on 1 over and over again!

PLUS there will be EXCLUSIVE BONUS VIDEOS/Ebooks and FDF in the Members Area that will be a part of the Mobile Social Recruiting School – Extra content that won’t be included in the Training members aero.

Do You want to CRUSH IT in your network marketing/homebase business?

Then ENROLL NOW for THE Most Cutting Edge Training in the Home Business Profession: MOBILE Social RECRUITING!

 *FAST ACTION BONUS: First 120 will receive 30 minutes FREE Social Marketing Training SERIES WITH ME– $97 value Entitled Social Marketing Recruiting – $97.OO value! ACT NOW!

 Regular Price $97 Today $FREE WITH ENROLLMENT (Limit 120)


~ Series Training Plus Bonuses!

This special training series will cover the following:

  •  Mobile email list building Recruiting.
  • Invaluable Friendly Tools to use
  • 5 step to social recruiting and sponsoring.
  • Mobile lead generation.
  • Mobile social groups prospection.
  • How to find and what to say
  • 24/7 training on Skype
  • Plus so much more!

 This Training Series Regular Price = $197 FIRST 120 ACTION TAKERS ONLY – FREE WITH  ENROLLMENT!) The content on with this training series alone is worth the price of admission!

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