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New Business Opportunity

Here are some of the things that will be covered in the course:


  • Plan of Action for reaching Life Coach.
  • How to ‘ Be Your Own Boss‘ (Self Employment 101).
  • Special 3-way support.
  • Accountability
  • Compensation Plan Structure & Breakdown.
  • How to help people in YOUR organization advance through the compensation plan.
  • The words we use: What we say & how we say it.
  • Social media recruiting

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Network Marketing Recruiting Tips – 5 Tips For Recruiting Free Leads

network-marketing-lead-generation 2

Recruiting has been made easier since we have the internet and access to possible recruits world wide. It is, however, vital that you incorporate the right techniques and strategies to get the right people. If you are interested in cutting to the chase and recruit people who will be an asset to your internet business, pay attention to the following five Network Marketing Recruiting Tips.

Tip 1. Write and submit articles.

Writing and submitting articles is key to successful online marketing. Article Marketing is simply the process of using articles to promote and drive traffic to your websites. Because articles are keyword based. the reader finds the article by searching on a keyword, when the keyword matches your article the reader is highly targeted to the information you are offering. If you can offer the solution to his question and recruit him he is a very desirable asset because of his interest in your topic. The bonus is all recruits from article marketing are free leads.

Tip 2. Make use of Free.

The simple use of the word “free” is enough activate a take action step – give up their name and email address. People love stuff. Start your recruitment process online by offering something free that is related to the niche keyword or topic you are promoting.

Tip 3. Build a home base site such as a blog.

Keep in mind that network marketing is a real business – your own virtual business – and capable of making a real income. Think of websites or blogs on the internet as your home business headquarters. For that reason, it is best to create a theme based website which focuses on how you can help your visitors earn more money and learn techniques important to network marketers.

If people who visit your blog and/or website see useful content, if they get the impression that you are successful and trustworthy, chances are they will sign up and join you when they see your registration form.

Tip 4. Content quality counts.

The key to article marketing success is based on the content quality of your articles. People are always searching for information. If you get to provide the answers first, or provide a better solution to their problem or question they will probably be open to more information and joining your list. Because article writing is free, you have the opportunity to generate and disperse unlimited amount of content filled articles.

Tip 5. Do not give up!

Do not make the mistake that many make and quit just before the big breakthrough comes. Our nature is to be impatient. Don’t underestimate the time it will take to learn and implement the necessary strategies for successful network recruiting. People buy from people they trust and believe in. You will not develop trust instantly…it is a process. The bottom line is that people who keep on trying and learning will most likely succeed if they never give up.

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