7 Step Training Applied – 15/30 Minutes to Online Recruiting

Putting training into action is critical

It is easy to apply hands-on training that challenges learners to take specific ACTION. This article summarizes the 7 simple steps from “Building Your Internet Strategy and Recruiting Online” by Jason O’Toole.

You learn key principles and best practices, as you perform these 7 specific tasks! The tasks put into perspective the overall online recruiting strategy need to get things going NOW. What a relief! The challenge is clear and doable. You can likely do these 7 steps in less than 79 minutes:

1. System Registration
2. Set up profile
3. Write Profile
4. Social network accounts.
5. Your blog set up.
6. Write a blog about your experience (500 words).
7. Link in the social bookmarking sites to your blog.

System Selection – Step 1: Register at a Lead Generation System (free). Make sure the system has a blog or training on setting up a blog.

System Setup – Step 2: Set up your Profile in the system with your basic information. Include things that show you are an everyday person with some unique talents or interests.

System Profile – Step 3: Share your situation. In the Bio section you want to share challenges you face and how a system can help you to overcome them. Statements of frustrations you’ve found while seeking answers online are believable. Your stories likely involve spending money for tools which do not deliver answers. Getting overwhelmed with information and not finding the direct path to action. Thankfully you can find free systems that provide the guidance you need. Share ways the system provides you with the solution you need.

Social Network Accounts – Step 4: Fill in your profiles at Facebook, FriendFeed, You Tube and Twitter. Be sure to include links back to the lead generation system. Use information you provided in the system profile in these profiles. Keep the profiles more informal.

System Blog – Step 5: Set up your Blog inside your lead generation system (should be free with the system). You can establish a third party blogging tool and blog profile. Your profile/about page should include a bit about what your blogging activities.

Write a Blog Post – Step 6: Write your first blog post. A topic you might pick to blog about is how the system provided you with the answers you needed. Share how your frustrations are gone. Share your story and how the system helped to resolve and cleared things up.

Post Social Links – Step 7: Share how you launch your online recruiting effort. Social Bookmarking sites like digg.com, reddit.com, propeller.com and StumbleUpon.com will work. Set up each account and post an entry about your blog post with a link to your blog.

79 minutes, begun and done. Your online recruiting strategy is now a problem solved. Your team can work with a system like this. The system is not a barrier. Point your people to the system. Once they register they have the step-by-step instructions they need to get going now! So much easier than the long hours or days some systems require.

Once your team has the tools in place you can work with them to assure they have the success recruiting online through weekly goals in their niche and on their social network and blog. Systems made the difference. Clear directions in the 7 simple steps and 79 minutes of work to launch your online recruiting strategy!

Putting into action the exact steps with a system will get your strategy launched online.

Social recruiting system  https://tinyurl.com/y94s3bh7

How to Recruit More Distributors to Your MLM

Learning how to recruit more distributors to your MLM business is the number one reason struggling network marketers come online. They seek guidance from internet marketers on how to build a successful business using the internet. Although there is a learning curve involved there is a way to sponsor more reps just using the internet if you understand the online landscape.

The networking portion of network marketing does not go away on the internet as fostering new relationships is the only way to succeed in any business. The marketing piece of the business is where many stumble and ultimately quit because they believe it’s just too difficult to cultivate this internet minefield. Internet marketing is not hard and if used properly provides a strategic way to build your downline.

A couple of strategies you can use that are relatively easy are:

Facebook marketing strategies – This is where you would join various MLM or network marketing groups on Facebook and develop relationships with those who seem to be likeminded individuals. There are many courses available to teach you this strategy using scripts but it’s really just the common sense of greeting, meeting and relationship building. This is by far one of the easiest ways to get leads for your business and recruits to join your opportunity.

Another strategy that is rarely used is LinkedIn marketing- This is where you would perform the same functions as on Facebook. What’s noteworthy about LinkedIn is that the average salary there is over $100k. There are a multitude of MLM or network marketing groups on this site that go virtually untapped because people believe the professionals are not interested in MLM. In actuality that’s where some of the greatest leaders spend most of their time on the internet. These are the prospects that most likely have the upfront cost available to join a MLM company.

The internet strategies are the same as offline strategies but, you really just need to know where to look for qualified prospects. Once you know the landscape you would then put the networking part of the training to use that you have already been taught. These two strategies alone can teach you how to recruit more distributors to your MLM and they are both free techniques.

Learn the language of the internet so you can navigate your way around to the legitimate territories and you will find that you can grow any business just using the internet.

I’m Val Taylor and I am on a mission to teach as many as I can reach how to recruit more distributors to your mlm using the power of marketing on the internet! I have a goal of connecting the online dots for those in the home based business and network marketing industry that need help with building an online empire.7 Step Training Applied – 79 Minutes to Online Recruiting  https://tinyurl.com/y73bj7wx