Network Marketing Business Growth – Do What You Fear and Do it a Lot!


One step at time

Every successful person in Network Marketing has something in common. They have been able to overcome an obstacle that would stop a normal person. The two most common things that stop people in Network Marketing are calling people on the telephone or speaking in front of large groups of people.

Today, there are thousands of solutions and people who cater to those who are afraid to do one or both of these two things. If you don’t want to speak to people, then you can use the Internet. If you don’t want to speak in public, then you can hide in the back of the room. However, if you continue to avoid that which scares you, you and your business will suffer.

Why is this the case? People can sense when you are afraid or are avoiding your fears. You will not be able to be completely present with them and you will always have that nagging feeling that comes from avoidance.

The bad part about this is that it will show up in your speaking and even in your writing. People will be able to sense that you are hiding something. It may not be noticeable to them consciously, but it will be noticeable.

The solution is to face your fear head on and do the thing that you are afraid of. A few things will happen when you do this.

1. You will realize that what you were afraid of was not that bad after all.
2. Your confidence will go up immediately and, as a result, people will be more attracted to you.
3. You may find out that you are good at what you feared.

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Network Marketing Personal Growth – Create Your Success By Declaring A Goal With A Plan To Reach It

Personal Growth means you have started looking at your life. That’s, the way you see and feel about things, what you want to improve and what’s missing in your life. What this means is that you are actively doing something to improve your life through education on new knowledge, physical exercise, increased awareness of oneself and environment and, seeing specific changes taking place. This is Personal Growth in the making…

You are changing your identity to one that more closely aligns with your natural core self, who you really are, what you are really good at and naturally talented in, and what you really want in life

In order to reach any goal in life, we must have a defined goal or purpose to aim for, justified with a simple thought out Game Plan and the disciplined desire and hunger to reach the goal.

Life without a purpose is a life without a plan. In order to accomplish any goal or purpose in life you must have a thought out plan to guide you to it plus a consistent action-based plan to reach your goal.

Without applying an action to your plan there is no amount of prayer or positive thinking that will bring your goals or desires to accomplish It always goes in this order; You Think… You Act and You Become. This is Natural, it’s not scientific. This is the simple secret to becoming anything you really want to become in life.

Of course, you must want to succeed in order to succeed because God works through Faith. I mean your personal faith because Faith works at the level of your expectation. Which means, when you expect success, you’ll get success and when you expect failure, you’ll get failure. That’s the law of expectancy. You see, we usually and often get what we expect, good or bad. So, to succeed in your pursuits in life, you must focus more on what you want than on what you do not want.

When you wake up each day and know that your purpose has a plan of action you will not fail to accomplish your goal. Make sure that you do not allow the distractions of daily living get you off the track of reaching your goal.

If you honestly want to achieve your goal, the inevitable distractions that will show up in your way will not disturb your desire and determination to reach your goal. You need to ask yourself; Am I doing the things that will lead me to my desired goal? Is my goal actually my heart desire or am I just being busy and have nothing to show for it?

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Network Marketing Blog Recruiting

The on going trend in online network marketing is Blog Recruiting. Blogs are very popular on the internet these days because of the ease of creating one, compared to creating a fully functioning website. With blogs you can change the look of them with relative ease and you can add content to them on a daily basis whether it be text, video or audio.

The use of blogs have evolved since they were first started being used, but now are being used in a variety of different ways. A lot of people create blogs to share their personal information with others. They also read their friends blogs to see what they have posted. Blog Recruiting was not really used until recently.

With the recent explosion of attraction marketing and web 2.0 blog recruiting is something that is growing in the MLM / Network Marketing industry. The reason for this growth is because people is really using their blogs as there home base where they invite friends, family and prospects to come and check out what they are all about.

So with attraction marketing growing to be as big as it is and sites like Myspace, Facebook and Twitter, blogs for the use of Blog Recruiting is basically a good match. This form of recruiting is being implemented by the professionals in the MLM / Networking industry. Myself and other successful marketers are teaching this form of doing business to people in MLM that are bringing their businesses online.

The traditional way of building your business with friends, family and calling leads is still a good way of recruiting but Blog Recruiting is one way of doing it online. This way of recruiting is very effective because it not only works very well but it changes the whole dynamic of what people were used to. In network marketing representatives are used to chasing people down and continuously calling them for appointments. This internet technique almost does the opposite, using these types of skills, prospects are almost chasing you down and calling you to ask you about your business.

So this one technique of Blog Recruiting using the internet to build your Network Marketing business is a highly recommended skill to learn to build your business. To learn more recruiting techniques for your network marketing business click the link in the resource box below

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Blogging Training Every Hr

Putting training into action is critical

It is easy to apply hands-on training that challenges learners to take specific ACTION. This article summarizes the 7 simple steps from “Building Your Internet Strategy and Recruiting Online”

You learn key principles and best practices, as you perform these 7 specific tasks! The tasks put into perspective the overall online recruiting strategy need to get things going NOW. What a relief! The challenge is clear and doable. You can likely do these 7 steps in less than 79 minutes:

1. System Registration
2. Set up profile
3. Write Profile
4. Social network accounts.
5. Your blog set up.
6. Write a blog about your experience (500 words).
7. Link in the social bookmarking sites to your blog.

System Selection – Step 1: Register at a Lead Generation System (free). Make sure the system has a blog or training on setting up a blog.

System Setup – Step 2: Set up you Profile in the system with your basic information. Include things that show you are an everyday person with some unique talents or interests.

System Profile – Step 3: Share your situation. In the Bio section you want to share challenges you face and how a system can help you to overcome them. Statements of frustrations you’ve found while seeking answers online are believable. Your stories likely involve spending money for tools which do not deliver answers. Getting overwhelmed with information and not finding the direct path to action. Thankfully you can find free systems that provide the guidance you need. Share ways the system provides you with the solution you need.

Social Network Accounts – Step 4: Fill in your profiles at Facebook, FriendFeed, You Tube and Twitter. Be sure to include links back to the lead generation system. Use information you provided in the system profile in these profiles. Keep the profiles more informal.

System Blog – Step 5: Set up your Blog inside your lead generation system (should be free with the system). You can establish a third party blogging tool and blog profile. Your profile/about page should include a bit about what your blogging activities.

Write a Blog Post – Step 6: Write your first blog post. A topic you might pick to blog about is how the system provided you with the answers you needed. Share how your frustrations are gone. Share your story and how the system helped to resolve and cleared things up.

Post Social Links – Step 7: Share how you launch your online recruiting effort. Social Bookmarking sites like,, and will work. Set up each account and post an entry about your blog post with a link to your blog.

79 minutes, begun and done. Your online recruiting strategy is now a problem solved. Your team can work with a system like this. The system is not a barrier. Point your people to the system. Once they register they have the step-by-step instructions they need to get going now! So much easier than the long hours or days some systems require.

Once your team has the tools in place you can work with them to assure they have the success recruiting online through weekly goals in their niche and on their social network and blog. Systems made the difference. Clear directions in the 7 simple steps and 79 minutes of work to launch your online recruiting strategy!

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This will change your LIFE

Erving Croxen

“I can give you a complete presentation, but it would take an entire minute.“When could you set aside a whole minute?”

I will answer 3 questions y will want to know

Question # 1-“What kind of business are we in?”

Question # 2 –How much money can you make?”

Question # 3: “So exactly what do you have to do to earn this money?”

3 Network Marketing Recruiting Success Tips

Network marketing recruiting success is crucial to your business. After all, we only do two things within our industry. Which is to retail our products or services, and to get really really good at MLM sponsoring.

These are the only two skills you ever need. Everything else is just stuff, just fluff. Now I will say personal development is keenly important, yet not as important as real strategies and methodologies that have seen tons of success with network marketing recruiting.

So what do you do when you have someone going through your funnel?

Well there is certain things you can do to increase your MLM recruiting success.

Tip #1 to Network Marketing Recruiting Success

Know what you’re talking about! So many times networkers try to sponsor me with ways that add absolutely no value to my life first off, and second of all they usually know LESS about their company than I do!

You must have knowledge on your opportunity and products.

Or at least always have an upline ready to answer your prospects questions or some sort of tool you can handout or show to them.

Tip #2 to Network Marketing Recruiting Success

Direct sales success relies strictly on you becoming a leader. In order to become a leader you’ll have to step out of your comfort zone quite a bit initially. Look at this as your growing phases.

Read books on leadership, watch tapes, videos, dvds and attend seminars on personal development.

The most important thing that you can start applying right away into your business is after the prospect has seen your presentation, just assume the close.

Assume that they want to work with you and are just waiting for you to sign them up.

A great closing question is, “What did you like best about what you saw?” followed up, “That’s a great reason. So let’s sign you up, are you near your computer?”

People are initially followers, in order for themselves to breakout of the rut, they need a leader to tell them what to do.

Tip #3 to Network Marketing Recruiting Success

Again, though direct sales success is based off of you as an individual, you’re going to need some sort of system setup for your downline to learn what it is they have to do to create their own network marketing recruiting success stories.

The most powerful ways I have found to sponsor people is by using internet systems in combination with offline traditional strategies into a resounding blend.

Combining both of these mediums creates the most leverage you could possibly ever hope to achieve.

And that is what we are all about right?

Seek out these systems, there is a lot of them out there with only very few that are worth their salt or weight in gold.

Once you find that system, make sure your downline uses it, and promote it yourself. Some of the greatest and fastest success stories in our industry came about as a direct relation to the powers of the internet.

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