This is pure INSANITY

Get High-Quality Prospects To Reach Out To You And Virtually BEG You To Join Your Team

I was just skimming through our member-only Facebook group, and I’m thrilled to see a number of people posting about getting their FIRST lead.

Or how someone reached out to them to talk about the business.

Or how they made some moolah while having lunch.

And the exciting part is not just the results, but the fact that it’s all on autopilot.

Now let me ask you…

WHY do so many network marketers continue to needlessly spin their wheels by prospecting strangers… chasing after friends and relatives… or spamming everyone they know on Facebook… when there is a much easier way to do it?

It’s more professional.

More predictable in terms the results you’ll get.

And it friggin’ works.

There are scores of people out there who are “ripe for the picking”… literally waiting to talk to someone about making more dough and changing their life.

And yet…

For some strange reason, most networkers would rather beat their heads against the wall, thinking that’s persistence, because they were taught to do it in a Fast Start Manual.


To each its own I guess.

But personally, I think this is nuts.

Because as you know…

If ‘ya keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results… that’s PURE INSANITY.

This is a much BETTER and FASTER way to find people, makes sales and build your business.

Talk soon,

Erving Croxen