How to (ethically) recruit other network marketers

By far one of the best prospects you can recruit is someone who is already IN the business.

They’re already sold on network marketing.

They’re entrepreneurial.

They’ve been hit with rejection (most likely) and are still left standing.

And have probably developed a number of skills you need in this business. Or are at least much further along in acquiring these skills, than a complete newbie.


Active network marketers are also hard to recruit.

Because most are very loyal to their existing company and their uplines.

And even the thought of doing something else would make many of them feel guilty.

But in spite of being excited about their products and business opportunity…

Here’s the HARSH reality…

Many are struggling and are barely able to make ends meet in their business.

And there’s only ONE way you can get someone like that to jump ship.

Erving will reveal exactly what that one way is in this hot off the press blog post.

If you wanna know how to get people who are in the business already to eagerly join your team… WITHOUT poaching or doing anything unethical whatsoever…

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The ONLY Reason an Active Networker Will Jump Ship to Join Your Deal

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