Using A Blog To Build An MLM Network Marketing Business On Autopilot

Is It Possible To Build A Network Marketing Or MLM Business Completely Hands-free On Autopilot With A Blog?

Yes and no – it is possible to build a Network Marketing or MLM business opportunity on autopilot completely hands-free through a blog but not without a bit of work in the beginning.

No matter what you do, anything in life that’s worth building always requires a period of consistent effort in the beginning. The same goes for blogging in order to build an MLM downline.

But make no mistake though – it IS possible to get to a level where your Network Marketing team builds on it’s own and there are MANY ways to duplicate and make money without even manually training or coaching your team and blogging is one of the ways to do this.

Have you ever imagined building an MLM business without three-way calls or prospecting?

Well that concept is nothing new either. In fact, blogging is one of the most powerful ways to build an MLM on autopilot without ever picking up the phone at all.

You see the top leaders use their blogs to create content, give out value and attract people to their businesses.

How exactly do they do that? It’s really simple. When you’re a newbie, you educate yourself with different concepts and strategies and then start to apply them. Then once you get results from applying them, start showcasing your results to everyone and people will be attracted to you.

That’s what people are attracted to in this industry = RESULTS

Not fancy logos, branding and titles.

Once you have these things in place, you have knowledge and experience to be able to create valuable content that helps people succeed. Creating this type of content of course, is very attractive to possible leads and if you have a system with a proper sales funnel set up, then you can just drive traffic to your content and the sales will be closed automatically on autopilot while you do whatever you want since your content is all over the place.

That’s basically how to build an MLM or Network Marketing type business on autopilot using the power of blogging and content creation in a nutshell.

It is possible that in the beginning, you will need to grind it out. You will need to put in some consistent effort. Usually within a 90 Day period you start to see momentum.


Because nobody will come to your blog if you have no content. You have to create content and start blogging consistently for about 90 days or more.

Once you have enough content out there that gives a lot of value to your audience and potential leads, you could very well be able to sponsor them into your primary Network Marketing business or sell them tools on the side.

You will also need a well-constructed sales funnel that does the rest of the work for you once you drive traffic to your content. Without this, then people will just come to your blog and read stuff without buying anything.

You want to make money on autopilot, right? That means you have to sell on autopilot.

That’s what a sales funnel is for. And that’s how you close sales in your MLM business without picking up the phone.

So are you ready to build your MLM business on autopilot?

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