How to Create an “Explosive” Network Marketing Downline Using Web 2.0


There are many people familiar enough about network marketing but haven’t reached their set goals yet. You put in a lot of time training, learning to prospect, learning about all of your company’s products inside and out and can quote chapter and verse from the compensation plan.

In fact, as a network marketer, you have probably exceeded everyone’s expectations and are on top of the game, except where it really counts; you do not have the prospects you counted on. You are not alone. Having enough people in your downline is crucial to your business if it is going to be successful for you. Generating prospects then converting them into your downline is the one area of the business that the company can really fall short on when they pass out the training manuals.

Many network marketing companies are still training in the old school methods. Making lists, names of family, friends, acquaintances and calling them for recruitment purposes. Hosting parties or pitching anyone that comes within a few feet of you about the wonderful opportunities your company provides for everyone.

Many of these older prospecting methods are just not realistic today. We are all flooded with so much advertising from everywhere that many people have become desensitized to being approached about anything to do with marketing unless it is something they are truly interested in. In the end, the marketing methods do not increase our downlines and we waste a lot of valuable time. In time, this becomes demoralizing and we simply give up.

There is a way to generate targeted leads that are solid and will become hot prospects without you having to call up your second cousins to pitch them on your company. Web 2.0 is one of those secrets that many network marketers are not familiar with. With Web 2.0, you can grow a list of solid leads without the process costing you a fortune.

Simply put, Web 2.0 allows the average network marketer to build websites, web pages, create online articles and participate in marketing campaigns without having to outsource these techniques to professionals.

Many network marketers will use the power of Web 2.0, to create a Squidoo lens. A Squidoo lens is very powerful to generate good traffic for prospecting. You can find out how a build a power packed lens for yourself at Squidoo has been around for several years and is a very popular site with the larger search engines. This site gets indexed by Google daily for fresh new content.

It takes a while to understand how to build a lens but once you see how a good lens can bind everything together for you, you are halfway home. Ultimately, building a Squidoo lens is worth the time and investment by tenfold. Once your new lens is listed in the search engines indexes, the online exposure can generate amazing results for you.

As a network marketer, there are many other different ways to pull together online tools and resources, to effectively generate target leads for you downline. You can build a blog and create an online presence or build a promotional website and generate traffic to it by writing articles for article directories with each article pointing to your website or blogsite. List building techniques and using an autoresponder with your website will create a virtual lead generating machine for you.

Using Web 2.0 Blog gives you the freedom to actually market to individuals that are interested in your business and want to know more about it. You reach a world wide audience every moment of the day, 247.

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