6 Steps on How to Build a Free Downline


When entering online marketing, most people lack money for paid advertisements. These individuals mostly stem from the unemployment crisis that is spreading across the country. They need ways to build a downline for free.

Multi level marketing programs seem to be the most attractive when starting an online marketing journey because they are the most inexpensive. Therefore, the mlm arena are filled with people who do not have a clue on what to do to build a free downline. Mostly everyone is told that free marketing strategies are for the long run, and you will not see immediate results from them. This causes discouragement, and either forces people to put their marketing campaigns on hold, or even quit their MLM adventure.

There are ways to experience online marketing success and build a free downline. The strategies have to be performed on a consistent basis, and with consistent effort. In order to build a free downline, you must have a schedule, set goals and have a great coach.

Here are ways to build a free downline and reach your online marketing plateau:

1) Article Marketing

Here keyword research is very important. It is crucial to search keywords, with a keyword search tool or Google AdWords keyword search tool, with low competition. Good keywords will get you high ranks and a ton of article views.

2) Video Marketing

It’s also important to use good keywords in the video description. Videos can be uploaded on youtube, metacafe or TubeMogul where your video will be uploaded to multiple sites at once. Video marketing builds your online personnel, and shows the viewers who you are.

3) Facebook

This site, as everyone knows, is the most popular social networking site online. You can become friends with fellow online marketers and build relationships. Sharing tips and strategies with people on this site may lead to a downline team member, or business partner down the road.

4) Blogging

This strategy can be very powerful. Using wordpress, blogger, Squidoo or hubpages allows you to get personal with viewers. You can express your own opinion on different topics and strategies. You can also post things that you may have done on a vacation, holiday or just a regular day with the family. It will allow viewers to get to know YOU.

5) Backlinking

Backlinking goes hand in hand with building a free downline. Without sending backlinks to your articles, blogs or videos there’s no way they will get ranked for others to see.

The above 5 strategies describe the most effective ways to build a free downline. The thought of using free marketing strategies, and not seeing fast result is a myth. Some online marketers use nothing but free strategies, and have built 5 to 6 figure monthly incomes. You can literally start from scratch with your online business, and build an empire.

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