How to Increase Website Visitors in Only 24 Hours Or Less For Free

Every so often, when I’m visiting interactive community websites like forums and discussion boards, I always come across website owners and internet marketers discussing topics on how to increase website visitors fast. Well, obviously this is a no ordinary question which is so popular, that’s why it is often mentioned almost anywhere online. In fact anybody who knows the answer to this is either a veteran internet marketer or somebody who is already making a decent amount of income on the internet.

So, is there really a way to increase the traffic that is coming to your website in as fast as 24 hours or even less without spending a dime out of your pocket? I bet you will be happy to hear that my answer to this question is – yes there are.

Let me discuss to you 2 proven and effective ways on how to increase website visitors really fast without having to spend money.

Classified Advertising

There are plenty of free classified ad sites online. The most popular of all is Craigslist, this site receives an enormous amount of traffic each and every single day. And by that, I mean there are millions of real time visitors coming to Craigslist on a daily basis.

All you need to do is create a short but attractive advertisement then post it on their site. Some internet marketers post dozens of these short advertisements daily and receive continuous traffic to their sites. Another 2 popular free classified ad sites are Backpage and Kijiji.

Video Marketing

There is no doubt you know about YouTube already. This video site gets so much traffic every day which is why it has grown to be extremely popular that even Hollywood actors and music artists are trying to ride into its popularity. All you need to do is follow the techniques that these actors and artists are doing.

Create an informative or an interesting video based around your niche topic. Simply upload your video into YouTube. It would be best if you create a few related videos using target long tail keywords. This is the exact simple way how to increase website visitors through video marketing. YouTube videos get ranked high on the search engine result pages nowadays in case you aren’t aware of that yet.

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