How to Build an Email List Fast – 3 Simple Steps to Building an Email List Fast

If you’re reading this article, it’s probably because you want to know the secrets to building an email list fast. In the next few paragraphs I will discuss three simple steps to building a list fast.

1. First off, you will need a squeeze page that converts at least 30% of its visitors into subscribers. To do this, you will need to test different squeeze pages and choose the best one. What does your headline sound like? Is it compelling and eye catching? You’ll need a list of benefits or bullet points. If you already have some, do they tell the visitor what they will get for subscribing to your list? These are some important things to consider when creating your squeeze page.

2. Building a list fast will require some targeted traffic. Article writing is perfect for this step. Writing articles is by far the most targeted traffic generator you can find. The reason for this is because articles are pure content and Google loves content. So, write many articles each day that are related to your niche and keep them informative and helpful. Also, for the best results, write articles that are no longer than 300 words in length. This will help you generate more articles quickly and optimize each one.

3. Promote your articles on social media sites like Twitter. The best way to amp up your article marketing is to get the word out about your articles as fast as possible. Keep in mind that if you keep your content short, you will get more clicks to your website.

Using article marketing as the foundation of your business is crucial for your success. If you were to only write articles for traffic, you would be generating targeted qualified prospects to your business every day. That means you would be getting real people who actually have some amount of interest in what you have to offer them. So how many articles should you be writing a day? At least ten.

I know that sounds like too many but here’s the thing, if you were to get up in the morning and write a list of ten titles, you could easily bust out a couple ideas for each one. You see, writing takes practice… and if you’re committed enough to your work… you could easily do this.

Start off by thinking of 3-4 ideas for each of your articles. Then, write 3-4 paragraphs that have some tips or tricks of some kind. People love “how to” articles… so focus on writing those. List building doesn’t have to be hard… you can do it!

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