Free Ways to Put Your MLM on the Freeway to Success

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When we begin to see our business as a business and no longer as a hobby, things will begin to change. Here are a few things, I needed to change in order to see my business prosper and grow with Leaders, and not needers. Network Marketing, MLM, or online Home Based business, will remit an Income which exceeds your wildest dreams… here are 20 that will get you on the Success Interstate~I know corny rite!

1. Begin with the end in mind – write out every graphic detail that you want from all of your efforts, make sure that it moves you emotionally~ Find Your Why that will Make You Cry~ focus on your Goal. Embrace the process then put the blinders on and GO FOR IT!

2. Doc & Track – Make structured commitments and goals by organizing daily, weekly and monthly income producing activities, and make sure you track EVERYTHING.

3. Be prepared at every phase of your business building efforts, especially in your initial contact with a prospect. This shows your professionalism and a commitment to excellence.

4. Bulls Eye Market Develop an intimate knowledge of your target market. To reach the most number of qualified people, you must understand what they are looking for and put it in front of them often~When someone is buying a Drill, they are in Need of a Hole, not a Drill. Know your niche Market!

5. What are YOU Worth? Present your value BEFORE you present your business. If your prospect doesn’t see you as a valuable leader, they won’t join you no matter what you have to offer.

6. E.F. Hutton vs. Charlie Brown Locate and enroll people with a strong sphere of influence. Nothing compares to strong social capital.

7. You Copy Cat~ Duplicate success principles and disciplines, followed by the mechanics of building. Duplication begins with personal development and the ability to attract others to strong leadership.

8. Emotional Divorce! Be careful not to emotionally invest in people who are doing little more than talking, because once they quit you will feel as though you failed them, when in reality they’ve failed themselves! This has happened to me with working with Family and Friends!

9. Customers First Balanced growth INCLUDES retailing your product or service. A strategy for acquiring customers is equally as important as one for acquiring down line team member. You need both to create a substantial Residual Income!

10. 3/3 RULE Develop a consistent marketing schedule that consists of at least 3 (non-prospecting) strategies, articles, blogging, social media, list builders. Invest 3 hours per day towards generating leads. Daily, remember committed consistency creates compensation.

11. Reflections Become the person you are looking for; make personal development as great a priority as finding that next champion rep. Be the change you want to see in others. Build a team of Leaders, by being a Leader.

12. Cut n Paste study and master the art of copy writing. If you can’t communicate with words effectively, you won’t be able to move your prospects to take action. Words give Life and are Powerful, so choose your words correctly.

13. USP Create a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) whose benefits are so valuable that it makes working with you irresistible~

14. Play check or Paycheck View and treat your business as a corporation, rather than a “little business.” if you treat it as a hobby, you will receive a Play check, treat it like a business, you will receive a Paycheck. Your psychological commitment steers everything you do, and influences your potential success.

15. Ride or Die Resist the temptation to operate multiple programs until your primary one is exploding with success. Don’t continue to flip back and forth from one MLM to the next new MLM… Focus is better than diversity

16. Incentives Find creative ways to reward your down line members and customers with the power of positive recognition.

17. What Time is it? Your time is a valuable commodity. Convey the value of your time to prospects so that they respect it when it comes to scheduling appointments. Don’t allow them to cancel and reschedule multiple times. That should throw up a Red flag for You!

18. Name Game Build your brand by using a professional email address and domain name for your website.

19. Leaders Serve! Give more in value than you can ever receive in payment, and increase the number of people you serve everyday

20. Success System Create and implement systems so that the newest member of your organization can get into profit quickly, thereby increasing the probability that they won’t quit. Success is not a Secret, its a System.

I pray that you could Identify in this abbreviated list (there are 30 in all) a couple things that you can begin to work on to change the course of your business. Keep me in the loop on your progress OK?  


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