Blog Traffic Tips – How to Get 500 Visitors a Day to Your Blog (in 21 Days Or Less)


Let’s talk a little bit about blog traffic. You want more, right? We all do. And it seems frustrating….with so many different secret tips, techniques, gurus and other nefarious nonsense out there that promises to make us rich overnight, it’s often difficult to pick the right path.

But THIS One Works

I have a system that I use for building blogs that works like magic, and is pretty easy to systematize AND scale up around your needs. But the KEY to getting an avalanche of traffic to your blog is NOT how much onsite SEO you do to start.

Or which keywords you pick for your posts.

Or even how good the writing is from jump.

Are they important down the road? Absolutely. But for a new blog that needs traffic, the REAL secret is off site content submissions. Article directories. Press release directories. And to a lesser extent, if you want to REALLY pad your numbers with traffic (that’s unfortunately usually a bit meaningless when it comes to making money) you can use social networks to drive boatloads of backsides to just about any post you wish.

Here is the Secret

Just use article marketing, sort of like what you are reading now, and rather than post this stuff on your blog, just spread it around the web. In “sexier” markets, it’s not unusual to be able to go from ZERO to a thousand visitors a day, in a week or less, purely on the broad shoulders of OFF SITE article syndication. Don’t even use a squeeze page to start. (stick an opt in form in your blog sidebar instead, or use one of those sticky footer sign up scripts) You’ll be amazed at how much traffic you get….AND how quickly the search engines start to index your stuff!

Throw in a few free press release directories to announce your best blog posts…..and you’ll be shocked at how quickly you see those stats start to go UP, and fast! (and if you’re just getting started, there is nothing that’s more exciting and motivational than that!)

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