Facebook Groups Are A Powerful Lead Generation


If you have a Facebook account you are sitting on a lead goldmine!

The Facebook “Groups” are generally built around a key background that allows you to target information to a select group of people.. An example would be people that are “MLM” or people that are “Internet Home Business” type of people. You can even think outside the box a bit if you wish and look for groups that are about “Retirement”, “Real Estate Realtors”, “Corporate Executives”, etc. Do not get locked into thinking about just current Internet Home Business type groups. There are a lot of people that are looking for alternative income resources. That is the type of person that you are looking for.

It is important that you take the time to understand these groups and their personalities. Ad copy that relates is paramount! Writing ads to Realtors that talk about Internet Marketing in the headline will most likely be passed over. Get some Subject/Title choices that relate to their problem in life and you may catch their attention.

Being aggressive with these people by bombarding them with constant postings will surely get you a one way ticket out of the group. Respect the group and the integrity of the group and they will respect you. Provide some content that is not “Selling & Telling” to gain acceptance and the acceptance will carry over to your posts that navigate to your web site for lead generation. When you post to a group and it is for the purpose of getting them to your lead capture page, make sure there is some kind of offer.. A free report, Video download, EBook, etc.

Now that we have the basic understanding of the group respect code of conduct. let’s find some groups to work with..

1. In the search box at the top of the Facebook Page, type in something like “Internet Home Business Groups”. Make sure you use the term groups or you will just get individuals.

2. From the groups that are listed on the screen after the search, look them over and really think if they are a good group to be part of. One key element is the number of people in the group. You do not want to join a group with two people, that is a waste of time. I would say only select groups of 200 or more.. Take a look at the group and get an idea of the makeup of the people in the group.. Are they “Rappers”, “Truck Drivers”, “Secretary’s” “Middle School Aged Kids”… You want to make sure the group makes sense for your content.

3. Don’t overload your Facebook account with too many groups and you may want to change some of your groups out once in a while. Keep the people you are talking to “FRESH”.. You will get more traffic that way.

4. As I said, post some general content at first and gain the trust of the group and then sneak in a more targeted post that will strike an interest in looking at what you have to offer. Subject Titles like “Get Rich Quick” will be passed right over as most of these people have seen them all. You must be creative and provide a benefit for them. Something like “These Tips Will Help Build Your Down line” and then send them to an article or blog that provides that content. Let them read and learn about you and if you have done a good job with the content they will want to know more.

5. Only post to 3 to 6 groups a day.. Overdoing it will not make you a friend at Facebook. Don’t post to the same groups every day!

I hope you can see the benefits of working with large groups of people that you can make one post that is targeted and focused on the person you want to view your offer.

You will also get a lot of people wanting to be your friend as well.. Be prepared to deal with an influx of new Facebook Friends. Good luck with your new lead source and add this method to your arsenal that you implement every day. A few leads here and a few leads there all add up to building a business. https://tinyurl.com/y73bj7wx