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My Name is Erving Croxen from Halifax, N.S.
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I have been a network marketer for over 28 years. While I have learned a lot, my success has come through lots of trial and error. I want you to benefit from what I have learned.
I have learned that the key to making money online is either develop the program yourself or to get in good one early like the one I am about to show you.
Relax. This is free to join so all I am asking you to do is sign up and give it a shot with our team. Free is zero risk!
You’re invited to join me and others as we work closely together building our downlines in a new and innovative Team Build. Once our initial build phase is over we will transfer our team into a lucrative business opportunity that has already been selected.
What is unique about this company’s compensation plan is that
it financially encourages distributors to place new distributors in
their downline.
I also have a formula for you to start recruiting
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Erving Croxen
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Halifax Canada N.S