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Do you want prospects that call you? .

Then check this out…

The other day I was talking to a very old friend of mine.

We were in the same direct sales business for over a decade and both left the company at the same time.

I pursued marketing online, but he stayed in the financial services industry, and we haven’t talked in a few years.

Couple of days ago he calls me up and says…

Vitaly, I have to tell you what I’m doing now.

I basically sit at home and sell financial products and services over the phone without leaving the house.

Vitaly, leads are calling ME!

Now, I have to admit.

About 10 or 11 years ago, this would have been a dream come true for me.

But today, my life is radically different and I wouldn’t even think about getting back into that industry.

I’m having too much fun doing what I do.


If I even considered going back, that would be the ONLY way I would do it.

To have people reach out to me and not the other way around.

And THIS TRAINING teaches you how to do it step-by-step.

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Three “Magic” Questions to Quickly Sift, Sort, and Qualify Your Prospects

I get messages all the time from people just spamming their links and desperately trying to recruit me into their business…

…and you know what?

It’s annoying!

And the real kicker is when that doesn’t work, they get sad, frustrated, depressed, and quit, because “it doesn’t work” for them.

Well, I’m here to tell you…

If you’re not making a TRUE connection with somebody, then you’re probably not going to hear back from them.

Put yourself in their shoes!

If you get messages from someone who doesn’t truly care about you, because they’re just spamming all about their company and sending you links, how is that going to make you feel?

You’re probably going to think…

What the heck! Why would I reach out to them? They didn’t even spend the time to try to figure out who I am, and if they even have an appropriate solution for me.


So instead…

You want to become a solution agent instead of a human “spam bot”

To do this, you want to find the pains or problems your prospects are experiencing and want to solve.

These will help you sift, sort, and qualify your prospects, because not everyone is going to want your solution or opportunity.

And that’s okay!

So let’s dive in.

Here are the three questions you’re going to ask people, starting today…

Question #1: “Are you happy?”

It’s as simple as that.

Ask a question that’s relevant to your opportunity, such as…

  • “Are you happy with the way you’re feeling in your day-to-day life?”
  • “Are you happy with the way your body feels right now?”
  • “Do you have enough energy?”
  • “Do you feel tired?”
  • “Are you happy with your travel/insurance agent?”
  • “Are you happy with your 9:00-to-5:00 job, or would you like more freedom?”

Again, it’s as simple as that…

“Are you happy?”

If they answer “no,” indicating they are not happy…

Question #2: “Do you have a plan to change that?”

Next ask them if they have a plan to change that.

Most likely they don’t, because a lot of people are walking around like zombies, trying to figure out how to become happier, get out of debt, or how they can actually make an impact in the world, and have passion back in their life.

Quick story…

Four years ago, when I got involved in network marketing, I was passionate about health and fitness and I just wanted to help people.

I wanted to feel like I was a “part” of something.

Can you relate?

Maybe that’s why you’re with your network marketing company?

But I felt like, as a stay at home mom, I lost a part of me, having owned a franchise for eight years and going from working 60 hours a week and running several stores, to nothing.

And so I felt like I lost a piece of me; a piece of my entrepreneurial spirit.

For me it wasn’t about the money.

It wasn’t about the freedom.

It was about feeling like I was a part of something again.

Little did I know what was going to be ahead of me!

So, returning to our question…

You have to figure out, is this person happy and do they have a plan to change that.

If they answer “no,” indicating they do not have a plan…

Question #3: “Do you want to see one?”

Next ask them if they’d like to see one.

And if they say “yes,” then you’re going to send them a tool.

Don’t BE the tool; send them to a website, video, podcast—whatever your company has.

Super simple.

Then show them the plan.

If they say “no,” maybe they don’t want to see a plan because they’re overwhelmed, they can’t wrap their mind around it, their daughter is getting married in a week—whatever it is, life happens.

If they’re not ready to see the plan, do not show them the plan.

Do not pressure them.

You can always say…

“I understand that right now is not the right time. However, do you mind if I follow up with you in a couple months? Life might be different for you then. You might be looking for some extra cash flow, or you might be looking to get out of your 9:00-to-5:00. You know, I can totally respect where you’re at right now, but let me know if I can stay in contact with you. I’d love to be able to reach out to you in a couple months.”

The less you say, the better off you are.

Get really good at asking questions, it’s better to get your prospects talking.

Again, here are the three questions…

  1. “So are you happy?”
  2. “Do you have a plan to change that?”
  3. “Do you want to see one?”

Keep it simple.

Make it about them.

So there you have it!

If you found this post valuable, please share it with your team.

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Cheers to your success! goo.gl/7ixr6m

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